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Shakespeare & Hamlet

Dona Cady

41464_1010821467_8256_nDona Cady, Dean of Global Education, shares a two week curriculum unit on Shakespeare and Hamlet.  Explore Shakespeare’s European Renaissance world through a Camtasia lecture, film clips, readings, and assignments.

Want to add an Asian twist?  Consider how  Hamlet’s world also reflects a Doaist perspective.  Supplemental readings in Asian Philosophy are also attached

In part or whole, this unit can be used in classes for literature, philosophy, language, theatre, and history.

Shakespeare – Week 1

Shakespeare & the Elizabethan Age

Notes on Hamlet Video

Shakespeare – Week 2

Discussions Questions for Hamlet

Introduction to Daodejing



Middlesex Community College is committed to intentionally globalizing curriculum through a comprehensive strategic plan that suffuses global thought more broadly into the undergraduate experience.

Faculty and staff have designed and implemented curriculum and scholarship on campus with support from the College, Title VI, NEH, and HED grants.

On this site there are a variety of curriculum units cross listed by discipline or geographic area that cover concepts of cultural diversity, inequality, global governance, economics, history, literature, theatre, and service to community.

For tips on how to infuse global content into your classes, check out the material on this site as well as our main Globalize Your Course Resource page. For the post recent updates and additions, visit the Home page.

Upcoming curriculum units will cover:

  • Art – Chinese Diaspora and Cambodian influences
  • Literature – the Female Heroic Journey
  • History – The Silk Road
  • Math – the Golden Ratio
  • Psychology – East/West Approaches to Treatment
  • Sociology – Pop Cuture
  • Study Abroad
  • Science – the Environment
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