The Power of the Mind and Body

As our world becomes ever more interconnected, we in the West look outside ourselves for inner answers.  Consider one such answer – or at least a discussion of possibilities:  The Mystery of Chi (Qi) with Bill Moyers. 

Bill Moyers1 In this five-part series, Bill Moyers along with David Eisenberg M.D., of Harvard Medical School, explore various aspects of traditional Chinese medicine.  The program focuses on “Chi” or “Qi”, the energy or spirit at the core of much of Chinese medicine’s philosophy and practice.  This program seeks to explore the questions: How do emotions translate into chemicals in our bodies? How do thoughts and feelings influence health? How can we collaborate with our bodies to encourage healing?

Healing and the Mind provides a lens to consider the ways millions of people in the East think about sickness and health and its philosophical underpinnings.