jennifer pisarikJennifer Pisarik, Professor of Psychology attended the Asian Studies Development Program’s Summer Infusing Institute at the East-West Center. Although the discipline of Psychology wasn’t a main focus for of the lectures, Jennifer states that, “It [is] abundantly clear that our culture shapes us – this is evident in literature, art, history, music, philosophy, religions, etc. But it is also evident in many areas of the study of psychology. I have chosen to look at parenting styles, and memory this semester, but I intend to broaden my scope to include other areas in the future. I [am incorporating] these topics in my classroom sections lecture/discussions.”

Check out the two assignments below that ask students to critically evaluate global parenting perspectives in the reading The Culture of Memory. This is an excellent assignment for education, psychology, health.

Cultural Perspective in Memory

Cultural Influences in Parenting

Psychological Science Agenda