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Globalizing Curriculum from Experiences at the East-West Center

Michael Rodman

IEW-RodmanChair of Psychology

Professor Michael Rodman infuses global perspectives into his Introduction to Psychology and Adolescent Psychology courses, drawing from his experiences at the East-West Center and as a participant in the Title VI Chinese Language and Culture grant.

Professor Rodman’s curriculum units range from guided readings to presentation PowerPoints to essay topics. Continue reading “Globalizing Curriculum from Experiences at the East-West Center”

Psychology – Parenting Styles & Memory

jennifer pisarikJennifer Pisarik, Professor of Psychology attended the Asian Studies Development Program’s Summer Infusing Institute at the East-West Center. Although the discipline of Psychology wasn’t a main focus for of the lectures, Jennifer states that, “It [is] abundantly clear that our culture shapes us – this is evident in literature, art, history, music, philosophy, religions, etc. But it is also evident in many areas of the study of psychology. I have chosen to look at parenting styles, and memory this semester, but I intend to broaden my scope to include other areas in the future. I [am incorporating] these topics in my classroom sections lecture/discussions.”

Check out the two assignments below that ask students to critically evaluate global parenting perspectives in the reading The Culture of Memory. This is an excellent assignment for education, psychology, health.

Cultural Perspective in Memory

Cultural Influences in Parenting

Psychological Science Agenda 

The Power of Positive Psychology

Bob Fera

 Professor oBob Feraf Social Sciences and Human Services

Bob Fera teaches about the power of Positive Psychology, a branch of psychology that nurtures individuals, families, and communities, rather than focusing totally on mental disorder.

Positive psychologists look at experiences, psychological traits, relationships, and institutions as individuals work towards a more meaningful and satisfying life.

Bob Fera has provided Positive Psychology resources that draw on Buddhist traditions that can be used in business, social science, humanities, and STEM courses.

Buddhism and Buddhist Psychology Resources in the US

Articles on Psychology

Articles and reports that may be of interest for you and your students:

Communicating Emotion: How Music and Movement Can Make This Happen

Importance of Global Perspectives in Education

David Kalivas

ProfIEW-Kalivasessor of World History and Director of the Commonwealth Honors Program  

David Kalivas discusses the importance of global perspectives in education. Large, complex, interdisciplinary questions require engaged students who understand the interconnected forces in history.

Join him in conversations on how MCC engages students in global contexts and also how curriculum units in history, economics, literature, and sociology can be built around the theme of Ethnocentrism and Racism. Continue reading “Importance of Global Perspectives in Education”

The Global Power Shift

Paddy Ashdown

Paddy Ashdown

“The multinational corporations now developing budgets often bigger than medium-sized countries — these live in a global space which is largely unregulated, not subject to the rule of law, and in which people may act free of constraint.” (Paddy Ashdown)

Paddy Ashdown claims that we are living in a moment in history where power is changing in ways it never has before. In a spellbinding talk he outlines the three major global shifts that he sees coming.

Paddy Ashdown is a former member of the British Parliament and a diplomat with a lifelong commitment to international the_global_power_shift_146x146cooperation.

Throughout his career, Paddy Ashdown has moved across the international stage. He served as a Royal Marine and an intelligence officer in MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service of the United Kingdom, before becoming a member of Parliament. In 1988 he became the first leader of the newly formed Liberal Democrat party. After leaving Parliament he served as the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This 18+ minute video is an excellent module that underscores recent global power shifts.

Paddy Ashdown: The Global Power Shift

China’s Impact on the Global Economy

Rob Kaulfuss

ProfessorIEW-Kaulfauss of Economics and Chair of Social Sciences

Professor Rob Kaulfuss’ presentation on China’s Impact on the Global Economy can be used in business, social science, humanities, and STEM courses. His video presentation is followed by an additional video with curriculum suggestions.

Click on the link below to view lecture and PowerPoint.

China’s Impact on the Global Economy

Assignment Suggestions

Embedding Service Learning in Your Course

Cynthia Lynch

DirectCynthia Lynchor of Service Learning

Interested in how Service Learning (SL) can be embedded into your class?  Cynthia Lynch, Director of Service Learning at MCC discusses the importance of SL here at home as well as abroad.  Check out the attached SL project for the study abroad Fellowship to Ireland.  SL projects can be customized to your class needs.  They can involve a single assignment or a long-term one.

Click on the two links below to view a SL curriculum module for the MCC Ireland Fellowship and a video on that SL’s impact on students.

Day of Service in Belfast

Continue reading “Embedding Service Learning in Your Course”

Service Learning in a Global Context

Carina Self

AssCarina Selfistant Dean of Social Sciences and Service Learning

The importance of Service Learning (SL) in a global context is the subject of this video. Carina Self discusses how SL supports the exploration and responsible citizenship in a global context and how through the interconnections of community-based learning students can address civic engagement questions of social justice, power, and privilege.  Through experiential learning, local knowledge can serve as the basis for understanding the framework of global change, and that experiential learning has lasting meaning.  Come learn how bridging cultures through SL can change lives.

Click the link below to view several videos on MCC’s Service Learning global initiatives. Continue reading “Service Learning in a Global Context”

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