As all human history is said to be cyclical, so are the stories that inform us about the human in history.  It is in the retelling of that human journey that we feel the power of Literature.  Man’s journey from innocence to experience, darkness to discovery, and despair to triumph is chronicled in songs, poems, stories, and drama.  The curriculum modules in this section attempt to show you how the stories we retell are connected, how these stories have power, and how they help us interpret our relationship to the world around us.

The following links are examples of globalized content in the field of literature:

Dona Cady, Dean of Global Education – Shakespeare & Hamlet

Gail Mooney, Professor of Humanities Engaging Students in Asian Studies Through Literature

Paola Zamperini, Associate Professor of Asian Languages and Civilizations (Chinese) and Women’s and Gender Studies and Chair of Asian Languages and Civilizations at Amherst College – Asian Studies: Resources on Chinese Literature, Popular Culture, Gender, and More

Kerrianne Pearson, Professor of English, Jack Kerouac & Buddhism

Shelly Hawkes & Cathy McCarron, Professots of Art History & English, Confucian Analects & Chinese Painting