Carlos Brocatto

Professor of Philosophy, Middlesex Community College

Below are the materials used by Professor Carlos Brocatto in his Philosophy course. This module was inspired by the Rosemont Master Class held at Middlesex in April, 2014.

The following description was written by Professor Brocatto:

This module on The Analects of Confucius is intended as general material for any instructor interested in thoughtfully engaging their students with the Analects.

As such it offers an introduction to the text by noting it as a distinctive interpretation of the Analects as opposed to a straight forward translation. The idea being that such consideration of the material yields an approach to the Analects that may aid in familiarizing the reader with its content.

The suggested approach is one endorsed by Henry Rosemont in his A Reader’s Companion to the Confucian Analects. In fact the outlined lecture relies heavily on this text, the “translator’s introduction” to the Analects, and Rosemont’s “Master Class” on the Analects. It is recommended that all three be used by the instructor in order to get the most out of this module.

Confucius and the Encumbered Life Module

Lecture 1 – Working with the Analects

Lecture 2 – The Encumbered Life

Prezi Presentation – The Encumbered Life